A lover of the Moon and all that it embodies, the founder & CEO of OrangeMoonLtd, Brandi Aurièle wanted to highlight something that she felt was missing from the world of Self Care products. Divine Femininity tends to be overshadowed by feminism, when Divine Femininity isn't about gender, but loving and honoring the aspect of yourself that is easily drowned out by the habits and routines of life.

Originally a crystal jewelry brand, we added Manifestation candles and have since created body and home products to add to our array of essentials.

OrangeMoon wants you to embrace the Divine Feminine through our products and learn the Art of Manifestation. The Moon is Yin energy, feminine in nature, it is the aspect that we keep hidden from others, our Deeper Selves, our Shadow Selves, hence your Moon Sign is usually truest to who you are vs your Sun Sign in astrology, the side that you show outwardly. The Moon pulls the tides of the oceans, it governs so much that we can't see but can always feel, and New & Full Moons are perfect times for baths and manifestation rituals. 

Why can't pampering be intentional and luxurious? Why must we be made to feel guilty to indulge ourselves? We were born to create, to live the lives we've always wanted to and if a small piece of the pie is decadent skin and tools to assist us in our manifestations, then so be it!

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We adore you Moonies. Happy Manifesting!

Brandi Aurièle