Manifestation Candle in Manifest (Essentials Collection)

Manifestation, in candle form. Our goal is to help you discover and maintain your True Power while also using the right tools to take advantage of the will to CREATE. You have the power of a million Universes, don't ever forget that. 

The Manifest candle manifests for you, just that. The art of totality, being aware of your thoughts and what you allow in your space because everything is direct reflection of your thoughts. Realizing and owning your power as a Co Creator in this lifetime. Life doesn't just happen to you. You create it. What we need in life.

Candles have long been used in routine and ritual form. Fire, which is added to the candle, is life, fire is action, fire is creation. Literally by "putting a fire under your ass", you've just now become steadfast into making things happen. We don't know how or when, or where, but we BELIEVE our dreams to come true. Manifestation is a thought first, then belief, then action, then relaxation, then realization.

You have to believe it before you can see it. THIS IS THE KEY. 

All of OrangeMoon products are vegan, organic & soy, paraben, phthalate, preservative & cruelty-free. We pride ourselves on providing your home with toxic free candles; safe enough to burn and not worry about inhaling chemicals, thus harming your health and the environment. 11oz.

Ingredients: Coconut wax, 100% organic, vegan hypoallergenic fragrance

Notes (scent): papaya, mango, berries

How to use: 

Always trim your wick each time before lighting

Be sure to be clear headed, quiet and free of distractions

Cleanse your space of old, static energy by burning either Palo Santo, Incense or Sage, see our Luxury Home Essentials tab for more)


Write down and set your intentions

Read aloud your intentions while continuously making eye contact with your candle, then light it

Continue on with your day

Every time that you see your candle, you will be reminded of of your manifestations. It will serve as a reinforcer of your positive thoughts and energy. You can truly have the life that you want, and you will. Do the work. Energy works when you do. Where attention goes, energy flows. 

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